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The Versatile Jersey Bed

The best items of furniture are feature pieces that are both versatile and timeless. The Jersey bed is an affordable and dynamic piece of bedroom furniture that can be repurposed again and again, to seamlessly fit numerous looks and changing trends. Made from high quality iron with a stylish white finish, the Jersey bed is available from Le Cornu as either a queen size or a double bed.

If you like to keep your environment looking fresh and you enjoy restyling your home as your tastes evolve, the Jersey bed is the perfect bedroom staple piece. The adaptability of the Jersey bed means that it will continue to suit your bedroom, even as you change the rest of the décor and experiment with the space around it. Think of the Jersey bed as similar to a little black dress for your home – different accessories can change the whole look, yet the key piece in the ensemble remains the same.

To demonstrate just how exciting and versatile the Jersey bed really is, we have worked it into the three diverse, elegant bedroom looks featured below:



It might be cold and wintery outside, but your bedroom can still be a bright and joyful breath of fresh air. Tropical print cushions, cheerful block colours and a touch of greenery - such as a real or artificial pot plant - will create a warm, springtime feel. Alternatively, you can adapt the look according to the seasons; for example, add a few hints of burnt orange in autumn. Use rattan and other natural materials to create a calming, harmonious atmosphere, which will help you relax. If the bedroom space is small, a floor that contrasts with the colour of the bed can help lift the room.


The key elements of the ultra-trendy urban look are open spaces, dark hues and cold metal (such as the steel of the Jersey bed). For example, a chic timber buffet repurposed as a bedside table will introduce a stylish and contemporary warehouse vibe. Add soft materials, such as a shaggy throw, as a contrast against the steel to ensure the space maintains a homely yet industrial feel. Keep the décor simple and the bedroom space uncluttered – as they say, “less is more”.


The Hamptons look can be summarised as beachside sophistication. Classy white on white, with lashings of wicker plus light, cotton textiles, will keep the bedroom feeling fresh, clean and neutral. Splashes of blue - especially light and pastel shades - add a marine vibe, in keeping with the theme. Utilise symmetry to balance the room and keep this style clean and neat, emphasising the relaxed elegance of the Hamptons look.

When you have clever, versatile pieces such as the fabulous Jersey bed, the world – or at least your home – is your styling oyster! If you have been inspired by one of these styles (or if you have an entirely different look in mind), visit us at Le Cornu to explore our enormous range of furniture and home accessories.