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Dining Chairs: Ideas & Inspiration


Your dining table and chairs are some of the most important pieces of furniture you will buy for your home. Your dining furniture is the centrepiece around which you will share meals and make memories with friends and family. The right furniture is an expression of your personality; however, there are many factors that have to be balanced when picking your dining furniture, including:

Comfort: It goes without saying that you want your guests (and yourself) to be comfortable while gathered around the table together.

Style: The ideal dining set will harmonise with the décor in the rest of your home, while reflecting your tastes and preferred trends.

Size: It is vital to select furniture that is the right size for its function and its space. Awkward sizing, such as dining chairs that are too big for the dining table, or a table that doesn’t fit your family, will be neither comfortable nor stylish.

If you want to refresh your kitchen or dining room – but you don’t want to splash a lot of cash – a new set of dining chairs is the perfect solution. At Le Cornu, we have a huge variety of dining chairs to choose from, with options to suit every taste and space. We have put together four of our favourite looks as a bit of style inspiration to get you started.


To add some mid-century cool to your décor, look for pieces with clean-lined simplicity and seductive curves. A rustic, distressed wood dining table paired with bright red Beames dining chairs is a stylish, vintage-inspired ensemble that would look at home on the set of Mad Men. Alternatively, for a more contemporary feel, select from the white or black Beames dining chairs.


For a modern look with a touch of Hollywood glam, the Ghost dining chair is an exciting, fresh and extremely versatile option. The Ghost chair matches almost any dining table - whether wood, plastic, glass or marble. It is also ideal for smaller spaces, as the transparency of the chair means it takes up next to no visual space.


If you favour an aesthetic that is a bit more experimental and avant-garde, mix up your décor and choose furniture that is simultaneously cohesive and mismatched. For example, pick multiple colours of the Beames dining chair, or choose different styles of chairs in the same colour, such as a white Beames chair and a white Rigby dining chair.


The industrial look is currently one of the hottest trends in home décor. Update your home furniture with an industrial-inspired feel through weathered organic material, cold metal and clean lines. Rustic timber or black wooden dining tables pair perfectly with the Rigby dining chair, or the diamond Charra dining chairs.

Pop into Le Cornu or visit our website for additional ideas and furniture inspiration. We stock a wide range of high-quality pieces to fit any home - no matter the size of your space or budget.